Tokyo 2010

Tokio 2010 Conference

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08:00AM - 05:00PM
11 - 14 Mayo 2010
Tokyo, Japan
The Breslin

The purpose and special contribution of Tokyo 2010 was to reproduce four elements of Edinburgh 1910 which made that gathering historically significant to the global mission community.

Those four elements were as follows: 1) Delegates came as representatives of all the major evangelical sending agencies and nations of the world, 2) The specific focus was on the final frontiers of the Great Commission, 3) Concerted effort was made to identify and fill in the gaps of inter-mission collaboration, 4) Participating agencies continued to cooperate following the meeting on the national, regional and global level to reach the remaining “unengaged” non-Christian peoples (today’s terminology for what were called the “unoccupied fields” in 1910).

In contrast with Edinburgh 1910, and in keeping with the new realities of global mission, it was early decided that Tokyo 2010 would be held in the non-Western world, and would be organized primarily by non-Western mission leaders, networks and agencies. At the same time, the meeting was to be a global effort, meaning Western participation was welcome and encouraged, but would only represent a minority contribution. Altogether, over 1,000 delegates came from 73 countries, representing over 600 agencies with a combined 100,000 cross-cultural missionaries on the field.

As an exciting milestone for global missions, Tokyo2010 became the first-ever global level meeting following the Edinburgh 1910 pattern that was planned, organized, led and funded primarily by the non-Western mission movement.

These percentages closely resemble the proportions of missionary sending today in the early 21st century. The percentages of delegates coming from various countries and regions also closely reflected their proportional contribution to the global missionary force.

TOKYO2010 Global Mission Consultation.



The Last Mile Calling, in partnership with the Global Great Commission Network – Carrying Tokyo 2010 Forward ( is now actively working on a major update to the LMC platform. If you would like to participate in the updated development or have comments, questions, or concerns, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Last Mile Calling (LMC) is a ministry committed to enable global collaboration with the objective of fulfilling the Great Commission. LMC is a resource web site. LMC is a resource web application. LMC is about building bridges among the missions community. LMC works for and on behalf of global mission’s community, whether they are mission agencies, churches, individuals…anyone and everyone who is committed to the Great Commission.

LMC is to enable closer cooperation and collaboration. The fully secure, on-line networking platform would enable members of the global missions community stay connected, irrespective of where they are located. They can share ideas, exchange information, update one another, adopt unreached people groups, and pray for specific needs of various communities within the network and more. Each member decides who they want to connect, what information they want to share and to whom they want to share.

It is the intent of the LMC to promote and encourage existing networks, associations, and agencies or other mission structures.

We pray that your experience within this collaboration platform would be of value and will bring honor to God, and we look forward to your participation.


The Tokyo 2010 Global Mission Consultation was not intended to be an end in itself, but the beginning of a movement to see all peoples discipled in our generation. With this vision, the Tokyo 2010 Planning Committee took the following steps in meetings September 1, 2010 and August 23-25, 2011 to create the Global Great Commission Network – Carrying Tokyo 2010 Forward.


The ‘Global Great Commission Network – Carrying Tokyo 2010 Forward’ was formed, with the understanding that this network is autonomous grouping or a system of interconnected people or things, a complex system. It is intended to be very inter-relational – not up or down driven.

An interim coordinating team was tasked with the responsibility up to approximately 12/31/12 to pursue initial network goals, to continue to build a coordinating team, and to research and report recommendations on possible network structure of the Tokyo 2010 Mission Network.

nitial priorities or goals were accepted as follows:


    1. Define discipleship
    2. A functional and dynamic web page
    3. The Last Mile Calling project
    4. Tokyo 2010 Declaration promotion
    5. Archives and Compendium
    6. Tokyo 2010 media promotion, including online newsletter
    7. Search for a global ambassador that gives face and visability to the network
    8. A global discipleship assessment survey
    9. Provide online services including webinars and resource lists
    10. Develop 2 strategy working groups as continuation of Tokyo 2010 workshops

A Vision Statement and a Purpose Statement were adopted as follows:

Vision Statement
We envision every people group reached and in the process of being discipled in this generation.  

Purpose Statement
The Global Great Commission Network – Carrying Tokyo 2010 Forward exists to stimulate worldwide mission efforts that promote the making of disciples of every people in our generation.

  • The guiding document for the Global Great Commission Network– Carrying Tokyo 2010 Forward is the Tokyo Declaration. 
  • The Lausanne Covenant was confirmed as the Global Great Commission Network – Carrying Tokyo 2010 Forward statement of faith.

These articles give background information on 
the Global Mission Consultation in Tokyo, Japan on May 11-14, 2010:

  • Seeking Closure: The Story of a Movement from William Carey to Tokyo 2010 Ralph Winter and David Taylor 
    This historical article was first written for the Global Consultation on World Evangelization held in Seoul, Korea in 1995 by Ralph Winter. It has been shortened and updated by David Taylor, managing editor of Mission Frontiers. Where the first person is used, it refers to Ralph Winter. 
  • Precarious Milestones to 1980 - by Ralph D.Winter 
    Written only a few months before the 1980 meeting, this article is of value because it shows how slight differences of wording and of interpretation almost prevented the 1980 meeting from following in the “novel” pattern of 1910 What it does not reveal is how the intended offspring of a global network of mission agencies was born dead. For that see the appended note at the end of the article. This article originally appeared in the Occasional Bulletin of Missionary Research, Vol. 4, No. 2, April 1980......
  • An Appeal To Disciples Everywhere - by A.T. Pierson, D. L. Moody, J. E. K. Studd, and Others 
    You can hardly imagine a more illustrious committee document. D. L. Moody who appointed the group and worked with it did not sign it. Probably no one in U.S. history has had greater spiritual influence. A. T. Pierson and A. J. Gordon were the two most famous mission promoters in that era. J. E. K. Studd, deriving from Moody’s Cambridge breakthrough, at Moody’s request stumped U.S. colleges attracting hundreds, including John R. Mott, into missions. Studd was the older brother of the famous missionary C. T. Studd (who founded Patrick Johnstone’s mission, WEC). J. E. K. Studd later became mayor of the City of London......
  • 1980 and That Certain Elite - Ralph D. Winter 
    Written two years before the 1980 meeting, this article is of value because it tells in blow-by-blow detail both why the 1910 meeting succeeded and why its offspring, the IMC, eventually failed. The IMC began with a slightly fuzzy mandate in terms of sponsorship. It later slightly corrected that wording and then, as this article shows, succumbed.....
  • The Case for a Global Inter-Missions Network - by Patrick Johnstone
    In my perspective, two keen people stand out at the global level today as the most influential in the cause of missions: Patrick Johnstone, through his various books, especially Operation World, and Luis Bush, through his brilliant initiatives in the AD2000 movement and now his follow through country-level studies known as the World Inquiry......
  • Dr. Ralph Winter's Involvement in Tokyo 2010 
    Dr. Winter frequently spoke of his heart for a 2010 global consultation following the format of the Edinburgh 1910 meeting, and for some continuing global-level cooperation of mission agencies. He did not live to see the fulfillment of this vision, but the vision is going forward with Tokyo 2010 and the Global Network of Mission Structures. 
  • The World Consultation on Frontier Mission: The Context of Edinburgh 1980 – Ralph D. Winter 
    A history of the context of Edinburgh 1980 and a comparison with other world-level conferences the same year.


Mission Frontiers, January-February 2009

What Kind of an Amazing Mission Conference in 1910 Would be Commemorated by Four Global Conferences in 2010?


Mission Frontiers, September-October 2009

Discipling All Peoples: Today’s Imperative and the Vision of Tokyo


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Setting the Pace - Tokyo 2010 Leads the Way in Celbrating Edinburgh 1910


Other Articles – Edinburgh 1980


More Edinburgh 1910 Information


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